Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dupes for NARS Orgasm Blush

     As I was doing my makeup one morning I realized how similar some of my blushes were! Now, being the bargainista that I am, I had to tell the world. I am always interested in duplicate products or "dupes" as they are called here in the beauty world. If I can save a few bucks on a cheaper product that gives me the same look as an expensive, high-end one I am ALL over that! Here are three very similar, comparable blushes that I love!

Price: $28.00
Size: 0.16 OZ
Shade I Purchased: Orgasm
Shade Selection: 27
Packaging: A silicone feeling, sturdy packing that gets dirty quickly. Also contains a great mirror!
Personal Pros/Cons: Up until about six months ago I had worn this blush every single day for about three years. Believe it or not I had purchased it when it was fairly new in stores. I used this blush for everything from formal dances to going to class. It was (and still is) an absolute favorite. 

Price: $10.00
Size: 0.18 OZ
Shade I Purchased: Shy Blush
Shade Selection: 10
Packaging: A very simple plastic case. I will be the first to tell you that I HATE this packaging! I mean really Mary Kay?! The blush isn't even attached to the packing and it falls out on a regular basis.
Personal Pros/ConsI have actually seen this blush described as an exact dupe for NARS Orgasm. The product is great and even more pigmented than the NARS blushes, which is an A+ in my book! However, I can't get over the disastrous packaging. 

Price: The full size is $20.00 however I got this sample size in my Birchbox.
Size: Full size is 0.25 OZ- my smaller sample is 0.035 OZ
Shade I Own: Hot Mama!
Shade Selection: 3
Packaging: A moderately sturdy, cardboard package that opens like a book and has a magnetic closure. It is very cute and clever, as with all theBalm products!
Personal Pros/Cons: For the couple months that I've owned this blush I can only say good things! Very nice product with nice pigmentation and application.


-NARS Orgasm

-Mary Kay Shy Blush

- theBalm Hot Mama, obviously ;)

-As you can see, all are peachy shades with a gold shimmer.

-Each shade is SLIGHTLY different to the naked eye.
-Orgasm is less opaque than the other swatches.
-Shy Blush contains more pink than peach.
-Hot Mama comes off more golden than the other two.

                                      -Without flash-                                         -With flash-

     With that being said, all three blushes come off identically when applied to the cheeks. They all are great products but in my opinion you essentially pay for the packaging and brand of the product itself.

Bottom line: If you own any one of these three blushes you are golden (see what I did there?!). However, if you are intrigued and are on your way to purchase one, it all comes down to the amount of money you are willing to spend. If packaging, brand names, and creativity are essential in your decision making process than go for either NARS or theBalm. If packaging isn't an issue for you and you are able to order Mary Kay from someone you know then save yourself the extra $10-18.

Love, Lacey