Friday, April 19, 2013

Birchbox Unboxing April 2013

     I have finally received my Birchbox for the month of April- hooray! After taking to twitter and expressing my concern...

     I quickly got in to contact with @BirchboxOps (after they replied and began following me) and sent them my email address through direct message. They reassured me that my box was on its way and that it should arrive the day of the message (4-18)- thankfully it did! They said that Yahoo! was rejecting some of their emails recently and that would explain why I didn't receive mine. I have heard of others having some trouble with Birchbox's customer service but all in all I was very pleased in the fact that they got in touch with me within an hour of my post. Without further ado, here is what I received in this months box...

Simple Skin Care Revitalizing Eye Roll-On ($10.99): This is the one thing that I find most exciting about this box. First of all, it is a full size product which is never a disappointing thing to find nestled in that pink tissue paper. It was included as a "Birchbox Finds" which is something that is new to me. Around it was a paper sleeve which explained that even though they sample a lot of high-end products they want to occasionally include an affordable item that the team is currently loving. On the back of the sleeve they also included a coupon for $1 off any Simple brand product.

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream ($2.94): After receiving my box each month I love checking out the YouTube videos and blog posts of what other people received. I actually recall seeing this product pop up in last months boxes for some people. The full size retails for $20 and the product has a really nice, fragrant, blueberry scent that reminds me of the summer months. It is an organic product, supposedly contains numerous oils and moisturizers, and to top it all off, the packaging is super cute! I love creamy, thick shaving creams so I hope this meets my expectations when I use it over the weekend.

Number 4 Non Aerosol Hair Spray ($6.88): Out of all the products this month I am the least excited about this one. For some reason, every time I clean out my extra beauty product bins I come across random travel size hairsprays. If you do not have a small hairspray to carry around with you in your purse this will come in handy but that is the only positive. I must say that I have used (and own)  better smelling hairsprays in my day. It sprays nice and evenly but the full size retails for $30... yes you read that right. I will tell you one thing: I will not willingly spend that much money on a hairspray unless it can produce miracles, and this doesn't!

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish in Peony ($4.67): This was something that I was really happy about after reading the card. I saw that I received the shade Peony and was relieved because I love light pink shades for the summer. The fact that it changes to a darker berry shade when in the sun is pretty neat but I wish I had gotten the shade Poppy instead! As I was sitting there holding the bottle (full size is $10) I realized how similar it was to what I was actually wearing on my nails. It is practically the same coral, peachy, nude shade which is disappointing! Hopefully it goes on a little differently than how it looks in the bottle. I will update this post with a photo when I do try it for the first time.

Supergoop!® Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream ($2.04): This was another sample that I was indifferent about. It is a very small tube but at least it's not a foil packet right?! I am anxious to try my first CC cream because I have not yet gotten a chance to dive into that world but the shade looks a little dark for me. I am always hesitant with products like these because I am so fair; even the "light" shades are sometimes to dark for my skin. This being the light/medium out of the two offered I was reluctant from the moment I read the packaging.

=$27.52 and a 8/10

     This is the highest scoring Birchbox so far this year. I was going in-between a 7/10 and the rating that I ended up choosing, but what put it over the edge for me was the fact that they included a full size, interesting product that will definitely get used!

If you are a Birchbox customer please make sure to rate your products this month. You don't want to miss out on those points! Also take a second to like my new Facebook page here. Thank you!
Love, Lacey

     *As I sit here proofreading this post I am watching the news and following the Boston bombing very closely. Every time a new photo or video is released, my heart sinks a little bit more. Please keep the families of those affected in your thoughts and/or prayers as I am sure you are. This is our chance to fight for justice in this country and we should stop at no less. God Bless.*


  1. Hi, sent here from Emily (Beauty Broadcast). What's your opinion on the eye roller from Simple..I use their toner and face mask and LOVE them and I've been "eyeing" that roller for a long time. Worth it??

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by. I actually just got the chance to use it last night and I must say that I was not impressed! It feels great going on but it made my sensitive eye area slightly sting. It shocked me because it is a line that is sold for sensitive skin (as I am sure you already know). If you are really wanting to try it I would maybe buy it from somewhere with a great return policy (CVS, Walgreens). That way you can return it if it does the same to you! Good luck and let me know how it goes. :)